Getting Certified-Automotive IATF 16949-ISO Pros #7

Getting Certified & Implementing Automotive IATF 16949

All ISOs and their standards work in the same way: meet all the requirements and you will obtain certification for it. However, the process of implementing one isn’t simple and usually, it takes time. It can be either faster or slower depending on how capable is your company of adapting to the new changes and aspects established in the ISO.

And how effective is the support and auditing you are receiving from the company that will provide you with the certification. Many aspects play important roles in the entire process, and this is for any standard you decide to implement or need to follow for the sake and growth of your company. When it comes to IATF 16949 in specific, things aren’t any different from how you can get certified on it.

Now, where can you start with the process? To get certified, you will have to search for a company or organization in the area that can provide you with the certification once you’re done with the implementation. Most of the organizations dedicated to this should be able to provide you with support, auditing, and consulting options in order for your company to achieve the objective.

Keeping this in mind, you should know as well that your interest and effort in knowing about the standard itself without even starting is also important. After all, you should be a bit familiar with the ISOs, or at least, with the one you will implement in your company. All ISOs are documents that are considered normative and there are way too many for us to name them or give you an exact number.

However, what you care about it at this moment is the standard IATF 16949, which is only for companies in the Automotive industry. These documents—even the one of this specific standard—are usually available on the Internet and in certain folders and areas. That being said, accessing them is not as simpler as people make it seem. After all, most of them are available once you pay a specific price for them.

Now, we don’t want to focus on prices, costs, and all that. Instead, we want to help you by letting you know that getting certified is simpler than it seems with the right organization. At ISO Pros, we have been helping and supporting companies from over a decade, and thanks to the systematic and pragmatic way we have to implement ISOs, the process isn’t only easy but also fast and efficient. You will be able to make the pertinent changes, meet all requirements, and obtain your certification in no time.

When can you get certified?

The right time to start implementing an ISO and try to obtain a certification is always. Unlike what most companies believe, following the normative in a standard isn’t something you have to do in an estimated or predetermined time. That being said, when the standard is a requirement for your company to operate, this may vary a bit.

For IATF 16949, you can either implement it right after starting your business or wait until an organization is there to evaluate you and see if you meet all the requirements. If you don’t, you will start working on that right away. In our company, we recommend Automotive businesses to implement all the required standards right after they start operating or even before that.

After all, this saves them—and you—a lot of time, effort, and even resources. You won’t have to deal with the consequences later on nor to pause other aspects in your company to handle this. Therefore, even though you can get certified whenever you are ready or anytime, we encourage you to consider it as one of your priorities and dedicate time since the beginning of it.

For this, our company is always available and waiting to know more about your ISO needs to start working right away and provide you consulting, auditing, and support.


Can you get IATF 16949 certification from any organization?

If the organization is certified and allowed to provide it, there shouldn’t be any problem. However, keep in mind that getting certified in an ISO isn’t a matter of the company visiting your business and evaluating if you meet all requirements to give you a seal of approval. A certification feels very much like it—and it may be—but the organization isn’t there to provide you with the paper or certification only.

Consulting, support, and auditing options are available as normal elements in those organizations, including ours as mentioned before. We are here to help you get everything done according to the standard you are following and implementing. And it is part of our responsibility to help your company to get all changes and follow every step properly.

Therefore, it is important to choose a company that will help you to save time, effort, and resources when implementing this standard. An organization that will be there only to evaluate you isn’t worth the time nor investment when you will be all by yourself during the process. This is why you should consider us at ISO Pros.

Our company can assist you with your ISO needs—once you let us know about them—and ensure the implementation of the standard so you can get certified in no time. It is simple to obtain the certification in IATF 16949 with us, and we have other options and ISO standards available for your Automotive company. However, focusing on this one in specific, you will be able to obtain all the benefits from its implementation, which you can read about in a different section of our website.

Part of getting certified with us is to obtain the knowledge about the ISO you’re implementing and, in this way, understand all the changes and benefits your company will experiment from now on. There are many aspects and elements to cover when getting certified, but with our qualified, validated, and experienced auditors and experts, you won’t have to struggle with any of them.