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If you are having a hard time with your company and don’t know what to do in some aspects or areas, we hope you already have your ISO needs in mind.

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If you don’t, you might want to start informing, educating, and paying attention to them right away. Companies from all industries need to follow and meet specific requirements in order to operate and ensure clients and customers are able to provide high-quality services and items. In the business world, many aspects are required to be put into consideration and this is what usually overwhelms most owners.

However, ISO standards and everything related to them is something you can’t neglect but rather consider as soon as you start considering the idea of starting a company—if you don’t own it already. That being said, we’re sure you’re here because you are familiar with ISOs already or, at least, have heard about them. It is a good start, and all you need to worry about from here on is when you will start.

Now, before that, you must know that ISOs are norms and standards that companies from all industries need to follow in order to meet specific requirements. Each company, depending on the industry or business item it is dedicated to needs to implement a different one. Some standards are necessary and required for the company to continue operating or to start doing it.

However, others are merely an addition that owners or the company overall decide to implement to obtain the benefits that come with it. If your company is focused on in the Automotive Industry, we assure you that IATF 16949 won’t be an ISO you can ignore or neglect. This normative or standard comes from the main ISO 9001, which is dedicated to the quality management system of companies.

From it, several standards and documents are made in order to have requirements and norms for every company and industry. And you must know that it is an obligation to implement it.

This is why we encourage you to worry about its implementation either if you are starting your Automotive business or you’ve been operating for a while.

Unlike what you might think, implementing standards is quite a benefit for companies since they are positive instead of something negative or a limitation like most companies thinks about them at the beginning. In the case of this standard, since it is focused on improving quality and the management system in this area, you will obtain benefits such as:

  • Continuous improvement in production processes.
  • Improvement in the quality of the components and parts you fabricate.
  • Better risk management.
  • Reduction in costs and waste.

It is true that implementing standards take time, effort, and resources—such as money—but they are completely worth it and necessary if you think in the larger picture. That being said, during the implementation or getting certified in an ISO, you will need a reliable company that can support and audit you in the process. At ISO Pros, we are available as the organization that has been supporting Automotive companies for over 15 years.

We provide certification and make sure companies like yours, follow each step established or stipulated in the document. In this way, you are able to speed up the process, reduce the resources invested in it, and get certified so your company can operate properly and without issues.

Why do you need help to get certified?

Most companies—at the beginning—believe that standards and ISOs are documents quite short with not too many requirements on them. However, it is completely the opposite. They are quite large due to the different and many clauses that establish different requirements depending on the element or section of the area it works with and specifies.

Therefore, as you can imagine already, it isn’t something that takes a couple of days. And companies overall, do not meet an ISO without even noticing it. If we had to compare it with something similar, we would mention the norms followed when writing a document where you have to write with a specific font, underline, and follow other rules.

Once you meet them, your document always gets accepted and not only for its content but also its presentation. For ISOs, you will need help due to all the work and time they require, even if you’re implementing only one. Several changes need to be made in order to meet one or most of the requirements, and we are sure you won’t know where to start with them, or how to achieve a specific goal and aspect.

This is where our experts and auditors play their roles.

An organization or company that provides certifications in ISO standards isn’t only there to evaluate your company and see if you meet all the requirements. It is part of the task, but we also have to provide you with the guidelines you need to follow in order to meet them. In simpler words, we are here to support and also, give you the certification once you implement the ISO correctly and follow our guidelines.

It is a lot of work and we know most companies are unable to handle it by themselves. Therefore, don’t hesitate about looking for a company that can help you with IATF 16949 implementation, especially when we’re near you to support you in every aspect.

Is IATF 16949 the only standard you need for your company?

No. There are many other standards and ISOs you will need to implement in specific times when owning a company. Most of the time, you can—or have to—implement them since the creation of your Automotive company. We don’t want to overwhelm you with everything you will have to handle since many of the standards you can implement are optional.

However, just like IATF 16949, there are a few ones that qualify as “needed” in your company if you want to continue operating and get certified. Many of the companies we have helped have asked us a very specific question: “why do we have to meet all these requirements and standards?”. And the answer is simple, to have some limits and, even when it sounds a bit redundant, standards as well.

In the case of Automotive companies and this specific ISO, you will have to meet all the requirements to ensure you provide quality products and components that follow all the safety standards. In this way, you guarantee the industry and your clients—as well as future ones—that you’re able to provide what you promise without compromising the safety of anyone. The Automotive industry is quite delicate in this aspect as well. After all, you need to ensure that the components and parts you fabricate don’t have any defects in order to prevent major issues. This standard is only for quality, but others focus on performance, processes, and specific aspects of the company and its operations.

How can you have us supporting and providing you with the certification?

Our company, ISO Pros, is one of the most recognized and reliable organizations specialized in ISO in the United States. We have been helping companies for over 15 years and we assure you that once we are done supporting and assisting them, all of them have received their certification.

For Automotive companies, we know how important is to implement IATF 16949, not only because it is a requirement and an obligation to continue operation. We are aware of all the benefits that come from implementing it and we are sure that once you grow familiar with them, you won’t look at it as an annoying task but rather a very serious need.

Also, we know that many companies in the same area as we do, do not provide support for their clients but rather a simple evaluation to determine if they can get certified or not. We don’t work like this nor we think it is the best way to approach your ISO needs.

After all, anyone with a seal of approval can go to your company and evaluate it in order to see if you meet the requirements. If you meet them, we will give you the certification but if you don’t, we won’t leave you to your luck but rather provide some guidelines and assistance so you can get everything done in no time.

For this, we have made sure to have qualified and validated auditors who know how to implement the systematic way we have developed for ISOs. We know it is a lot to handle, and if you need or want our assistance to get IATF 16949 implemented and get certified, you only have to call or email us. We are available 5 days a week and always replying to emails, even during the weekends.

Since improvement is one of the main keys for companies to grow and continue operating, you can’t ignore the implementation of this standard. After all, it influences your production processes and the reduction in the costs of your operations that will only bring improvements to the entire performance of the company. Therefore, more than being something you have to meet in order to avoid future issues or problems, it is something you need.

Many of our clients have shown their hesitations about investing time, resources, and effort in its implementation. And we can assure you that the main reason why decided to not neglect it any longer wasn’t because of some social pressure or from an organization. We showed them the results and benefits that come with it, and you can find the second ones in a section of our website.

That being said, we won’t force you to implement the standard if you decide to contact us. You can reach out to us and ask all your questions, let us know your worries and inquiry anything that is in your mind. Just make sure to make this a priority and we assure you won’t regret the decision.

Your Automotive company won’t be able to continue operating—at some point—unless you implement this standard. And this is going to happen—probably—sooner than later. Therefore, instead of being afraid of investing in it, make sure to do it not only for the future of your operations but for your company’s growth as well.

There is a lot to do, and our company will be there to get you certified as soon as you meet all the requirements from the normative thanks to our support and auditing. To access our certifications or get to know more about IATF 16949, you can visit other sections of our website, contact us via email, phone, or filling the contact form below. We’re always available and waiting to know about your ISO needs.

Why you can’t neglect it any longer